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Technical device of a microinfusional pomp

MIP (microinfusional pomp) consists from:
1. Plastic framework
2. Infusional elastic silicone cylinder
3. Systems of tubes from PVC
4. Antibacterial filter
5. Extractor

Principle of work of a disposable infusional pomp
Infusion solution by means of the syringe is entered into the elastic cylinder which is in the strong plastic case (without needle). Introduction is made via the filter inserted into the receiver.
A small amount of solution is entered via the filter into the bolyusny module.
Under pressure of the stretched elastic cylinder infusion solution moves to the connector which connects in turn to an epiduralny or intravenous catheter.
Thanks to the bolyusny module the patient can enter an additional small amount of an analgetic (anesthetic) through the set periods.

Key advantages disposable infusional pomp
The freedom of movement of the patient who can freely move on a hospital or even to leave home at long infusion (for example, at oncology), the pomp fastens to a belt or on the patient's breast.
Possibility of long continuous infusion (about several days) with a stable speed, and also additional bolyusny introduction of small doses by the patient for an analgeziya (anesthesia)
Autonomous operation of the device without any external power supplies
Odnorazovost, sterility, usability

Comparison of characteristics of infusional equipment

  Systems are disposable Pomp disposable Pumps are reusable
Long continuous giving
- + +
Stability of speed of giving - + +
The batcher for the patient (bolyus) - + +
Shock speed of giving - - +
Protection against change of settings by the patient - + +
Freedom of movement of the patient - + -
Autonomy of work (without power supply) + - -
Odnorazovost + - -
Usability + - -
Warning system - + +
Record of history of actions - - +
Price, $/piece from 0,3 from 30 of 1500



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